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Smart Factory 4.0
Cyber Security

You are going to need these:

Holistic skills required to build a Smart Factory

We have them all


Manufacturing support, Lean six sigma Optimizing ops cost, reducing waste and providing real time data

Cyber Security

IT and Industrial controls cybersecurity

Industrial IoT

In-depth knowledge of the world’s leading technologies.


IT background experience


Manufacturing equipment support, deployment and upgrades.


Machine learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) expertise.

We used all these skills and built this:

Our 5 stage model

The Secret to Your Success

We have developed a 5 stage model to build Smart Factories that optimizes your time to value and minimizes your cost to completion. 


Our model will save you time and money.


We will help you develop the business strategy for short, mid and long term in this 4th Industrial Revolution. We will become your IoT department


We will help you avoid pitfalls that would limit the development and growth of your Smart Factory,


We will help you design a solution that will be the backbone for every automation initiative in your factory.

Our 5 stage model vs DIY approach 

This is how we optimize the adoption of new technologies in your company, with a strong focus in Cyber Security 

Time in years

Average numbers, it may vary per company

Average cost based on our experience

Average numbers, it may very per company

Industrial Cyber Security

One of the biggest challenges is that your machines were not built with the foresight that one day they would be required to connect outside of the premises of your plant, destined to live only in the OT world. Technologically speaking, your machines a silos with a definitive purpose.  The 4th Industrial revolution requires these silos to evolve and exposes them to the unplanned threats of the IT world. In short doing Industrial IoT, Smart Factory 4.0 or Digital Transformation without a Cyber Security strategy the most imminent risk . 

incident response

We will help you create a framework to mitigate the risk of exposing your machines to the IT world.

Penetration Testing

Our team provides top of the line military grade penetration testing events for your IT and OT worlds. 

Strategy design

We will help you design a proactive ICS Cyber security strategy to protect your factories and become proactive at preventing incidents

Cyber Sec Training

We have developed a world class ICS Cyber Security training with the leaders of IIoT software and OT equipment. At the moment we are only offering this training to Military and Government personnel.

Who we are

We are a small group of Engineers that has had the chance to walk through the full Smart Factory 4.0 development lifecycle. A very unique opportunity we became addicted to: building digital factories with a cyber security framework.

With our company we are giving the opportunity to other Manufacturers to benefit from our knowledge in the IT, OT, IoT and Cyber Security worlds to jump into the 4th Industrial revolution with a trusting partner.

We are not going to be your partner to learn these skills, we know them, we are proficient and we have proven record of our success.  

  • We have partners in USA, Europe and LATAM
  • Proudly made in Wisconsin
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Our greatest mission

Our goal is to become the leading sustainable developer, for manufacturing, of the digital world.
Part of our profits will be donated to help minimize our physical footprint on earth in reforestation campaigns and recycling initiatives.